Data protection

The rise of digital technologies has made it very easy to gather, transfer and process data. Protecting personal data is therefore now more important than ever.


In European law, the protection of personal data has been established as a fundamental right in regulations regarding information privacy. Although many people worry that strangers can see their PIN at a cash machine or secretly eavesdrop on their phone calls, there is little awareness for privacy and data protection when it comes to the internet. Only a minority knows what happens with their data online, how they can protect themselves or how to securely recognize  encrypted services.


Companies in Europe are obligated to comply with data protection laws.Worldwide Companies  are obligated to comply to this law, too, if they want to offer their services or products to European citizens. These laws, however, are not always straightforward when it comes to their implementation. Mistakes made by companies in their data protection policies can be costly for them as well as their employees, customers and business partners.


bc digital can show you how to ensure permanent compliance with data protection laws without dulling your company’s competitive edge. We train managers and employees on how to handle data protection laws and help you to develop and implement a suitable concept.

Digital Transformation

Digitization is becoming increasingly important not only for large companies, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises. Most companies claim to be following the digital revolution - but they are not sure what to do.


Digital transformation is the key to Industry 4.0. Digitization shortens value chains and influences industrial production. Industry 4.0 turns factories into "smart factories" and reduces sources of error, increases production and saves money.


It is often  about simple simplifications for daily work and not necessarily about the complete automation and acceptance by machines. 


What is important is that digitization must be tailored to your own requirements and processes in order to provide your company with future-proof added value.


These are usually not particularly demanding or complex, but still make a significant contribution to the valuable working hours of your employees.


We are not theoreticians, but we are convinced representatives of practical methods that our team of developers and designers implement for you.

Digital Education

Digitalization caught up with us. It shapes our lives and influences our society. Due to the immense speed with which digitization is developing, it presents us with enormous challenges. , digitization offers us great opportunities at the same time if we are willing to use them.


To meet the demands of globalization and digitization, your business must be ready  to act. If we do not get adequate and future-oriented digital education, we will lose touch with the digital world, which will make companies no longer fit for the future.


We are happy to offer you specially adapted training courses in the field of digital work, digitale awareness, IT-security and data protection for your company.


Ehealth improves the quality of healthcare and can also reduce costs, because routine examinations do not require a physician, but can be done using a mobile device and a smartphone. So the doctor has more time for matters that require a personal consultation. Patients benefit because they can move about safely and independently without having to schedule constant visits to the doctor. Especially at work, this can be a lot of advantage, but also at retirement age, because travel and visits to friends and acquaintances are not interrupted or even prevented by doctor visits.


Ehealth can not only help to improve our medical care, but can also be used a step ahead: for prevention. We all know that a healthy diet and exercise leads to better health. Here, fitness tools and apps can help us control our activities and nutrition by recording them and rendering the data understandable in graphics. Apps that measure blood pressure and other values can help healthy people to immediately notice discrepancies and abnormalities.


We are happy to assist you in implementing ehealth correctly.

Digital Marketing

bc digital creates your complete marketing for Germany and for Europe. Starting with the website, through a webshop and e-commerce, up to the appearance in social networks tailored just for your company. We also can create your logo and your coporate design.


bc digital has many years of experience for companies, cities, politicians and associations. We are happy to assist you!