What we offer

bc digital offers the following services: data protection and digital transformation. You will find that while each service focuses on unique issues, there is a certain degree of overlap and relatedness with the other services. As a result, you benefit from bc digital’s expertise in both fields.

Our data protection services focus on ensuring that you comply with European laws on data protection (GDPR). The rise of digital technology has made it easy for companies to collect, process and transfer customer data – but they are only allowed to do so under certain conditions. Data protection laws do not always offer straightforward directives.

Companies can therefore easily and unwittingly commit mistakes that can cause great damage to themselves and their business partners and clients.

bc digital provides extensive consulting on data protection laws and how to implement them at your company.

Our services regarding data and IT security are directly connected to data protection. Companies need to reliably protect the data in their possession. These data can include customer data, employee data or data about a company’s products or technologies. 51% of businesses in Germany have already fallen victim to digital industrial espionage, sabotage or data theft. Every IT security solution that bc digital develops adheres to the high standards of the TeleTrusT quality seal “IT Security made in Germany”. Furthermore, we conduct training for managers and employees that teaches them how to correctly handle sensitive data and which rules of conduct apply in emergency situations.

Digitalisation evidently involves a number of risks such as when you break data protection laws or fail to sufficiently protect your data. At the same time, digitalisation creates numerous opportunities that should not be ignored – especially in the field of education. Digital media offer enormous potential for education in schools and professional training. bc digital specialises in analysing workflows and learning processes and identifying how they can be improved with the help of digital literacy training. We can also develop digital literacy training strategies and recommend suitable products or equipment.