bc digital

About us

bc digital was founded by Nasanin Bahmani in 2013 as Bahmani Consult. A purely consulting company quickly became very soon a global company in the field of data protection, e-health, IT security and digital transformation.

bc digital consists of an international team in which we speak the following languages (German, English, French, Greek, Arabic, Persian, Albanian) and serve customers on all continents of the world.

The digital world never stops evolving. This may add to its interest, but it also means that the landscape is constantly shifting.

bc digital is committed to staying informed about current events and new decisions in the field of IT security. We maintain a network of experts, both in Germany and abroad, comprising representatives of the manufacturing industry, administration and science as well as partner organisations from similar fields.

  • Member of Professional Association of German Data Protection Officers 
  • Member of German Association for Data Protection and Data Security 
  • Member of TeleTrusT – IT Security Association Germany
  • Member of health-i Board 
  • Member of Regional Committee of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce North Westfalia
  • Member of foreign economics committee of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce North Westfalia
  • Member of münsterLAND.digital e.V.